“I value the folks at WCS as critical partners to my business success.”

Richard A. Harris

President, The Harris Law Firm

"WCS does a great job of communicating with our clients, walking them through the process and most importantly, getting results."

Gregory A. Levitt, Jr.

Partner, Billing Logic, Inc.

My father taught me customer service.

Today, my collection agency, Western Control Services, prides itself on making sure both you and the people that owe you money are cared for and treated in the most professional manner possible.

We have real conversations with those who owe your business money, we listen to them, but we also make sure they see the situation our way.

When you pick up the phone and call us at (800)-934-8541, a real live person will pick up the phone and ensure that your collection needs are being met.

Let’s return your employees back to the job they were hired to do and what they look forward to doing every day they work with you. Collecting on past due accounts is probably not what your staff really wants to be doing.

Take the responsibility of debt collection, and put that job into the hands of Western Control Services, and we will get your cash flows back in line.

I am Don Schaefer, pick up the phone and call (800)-934-8541. I would love to work with you.


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