Western Control Services has been an industry leading collection agency for nearly twenty-eight years. We specialize in recovering money from defaulted client accounts in the legal, medical, and education sectors. But the truth is Western Control Services has recovered money from nearly every type of legal debt there is, over the course of its long history.

Our company’s founder, Don Schaefer, has been a successful business owner for over forty years. He says that there’s no secret to his success.

“ All businesses boil down to people. Lots of things have changed over the years — technology, being one of them — but people are still just people. That’s the core belief of our business. Because once you understand human nature, it doesn’t matter what sector you’re in. Selling cars, homes, or hotdogs is really not much different than convincing someone they need to pay their debts.”

Mr. Schaefer cites a book, “The Five Great Rules of Selling” by Percy H. Whiting as one of his guiding lights in business. Astonishingly, Mr. Schaefer found a way to adapt Mr. Whiting’s work to create the remarkable success that Western Control Services has enjoyed as a collection agency for nearly three decades.

“It might seem strange at first to equate ‘selling’ with the collection business, but convincing a client they have to make good on their debt is really exactly that: a sale. We’re closing them on the need to pay for something they hadn’t intended to pay ten minutes before they took our call.”

Mr. Schaefer trains each of his specialists in the five specific stages of closing a sale Mr. Whiting developed. The stages must be followed in specific order and no stage can ever be skipped, for the overall process to be effective.

They are as follows:

Attention – You have to get the attention of the person you’re talking to. No negotiation will proceed if the person you’re parlaying with isn’t focused on what you’re telling them.

Interest – Once you gain a debtor’s attention, you won’t have long to capture their interest. Typically a person’s interest can be captured by proposing one of two scenarios to them: either the creation of pleasure or the alleviation of pain.

Conviction – You gain a person’s conviction by appealing to the logical side of a person’s brain.

Desire – You gain a person’s desire by appealing to the emotional side of a person’s brain.

Close – Commit to financial terms of the sale.

This five-step process has been very good for his collections business, says Mr. Schaefer.

“It would be a shame if, after all the things I’ve learned about human nature in my lifetime, I resorted to trying to strong-arm people to pay their debts. In the first place, it’s not pleasant. In the second place, it doesn’t work. Listening to people works. Talking to them and appealing to their understanding of the potential outcomes works. If it didn’t, Western Control Services would never have grown to the point we have and would never have stayed in business for 28 years.”

Western Control Services consistently beats the average for funds recovered by collection agencies, nationwide.

We’re more diligent, thorough, and humane than our competitors . . . all of which translates to more money found and a better reputation enjoyed by our clients.

Best of all, engaging us won’t cost you a penny, until we collect your money!

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