Western Control Services will assist in collecting your past due student accounts by first locating your missing students. Once we’re able to engage them in a conversation we’ll explain why they need to pay for the education they’ve received. We will show them the advantages in protecting their credit score and keeping their overall repayment costs lower by simply working out a repayment arrangement. Avoiding their responsibilities will only result in a more confrontational and expensive process.

We will propose a process specially designed for your school, based upon the criteria and requirements you set forth, which may include any combination of Letter Series, Contingency Collections or the outright Sale of the Debts for cash. All options include complimentary skip trace locating services.

What schools are telling us – –

Letter Series for OHLONE COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT in Fremont, CA reported “Given Western Control’s suggestions and assistance, we were able to increase our rate of return by 20% within the first year of the campaign. I have been very pleased with the turn around on special needs and requests. I would say that customer service in general makes Western Control stand out above the crowd.”


Hiring an employee to locate missing students is far too expensive. CABRILLO COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT in Aptos, CA says “A lot of the success of your mailings was due to the fact that you reached people I couldn’t reach because I didn’t have a good address.”


Our effortless soft-contact with the low impact reference of a collection agency’s involvement is key to a high student response rate. Comments from HOPE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in Fullerton, CA include “Overall, things have been good and we appreciate the overall effectiveness and the help you’ve given us.”

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