We would love to help your law practice stabilize it’s cash flow.

When your law practice has an abrasive client, we will handle them in a non abrasive way.

We will sit down with them, listen to their story, listen to what they have to say and offer remedies to get their bill paid.

We help your clients to understand that the court’s decision is the result of their actions and personal situation. You’ve presented their case in the best possible way, but no matter how professionally you represented them, you cannot change the facts. We explain that the charge for services, for which they contracted, is legally due and our firm has the responsibility to collect the debt. Your clients are treated with respect; fairly and firmly. You decide how far we will go to protect your interests, including asset searches and litigation, as necessary, if approved by you.

I am Don Schaefer, and on behalf of my friendly, professional and experience collections staff, I would love to help your law firm stabilize its cash flow.

“I value the folks at WCS as critical partners to my business success.”

Richard A. Harris

President, The Harris Law Firm

"WCS does a great job of communicating with our clients, walking them through the process and most importantly, getting results."

Gregory A. Levitt, Jr.

Partner, Billing Logic, Inc.

Sometimes, the court’s ruling is not in favor of your client, you have an abrasive client, and it becomes difficult to collect monies owed to your law firm.

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