If your medical practice is having trouble collecting your deductibles and co-pays, here is what we will do for you:

We will sit down with you and identify where the problems are and how we can be a continuation of your billing office.

~Don Schaefer Western Control Services

We will carefully examine your billing processes, and identify if your billing process is being completed in a timely fashion.

Then, we will identify exactly who is not paying the monies due to your medical practice.

Once we have our list, we will as required by law, send out our first notices.

We will contact them, communicate with them, and listen to their stories and find out what their problem is paying what is due to your medical office.

Our unique policy is to listen, to be receptive and non abrasive to your valuable patients. Together, we come up with solutions for each of your past due patients on an individual basis.

I want the cash flow of your medical practice to be maintained in such a way that you have no more worries or concerns about what is happening with your non paying accounts.

I am Don Schaefer, and on behalf of my friendly, professional and experience collections staff, I would love to help your medical practice stabilize its cash flow.

Let's Get Your Cash Flow Moving!

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