It happens like clockwork every winter, specifically after the holidays. Your health club runs a membership special and lots of new clients sign on. They’ve spent the months of November and December overindulging themselves at various festivities. Now they feel guilty about the pounds that they’ve gained. Their waistlines have swollen and each time they look in the mirror brings a fresh bout of tears, frustration, and self-flagellation.

Winter is also the season for New Year’s resolutions. It’s no secret that one of the top New Year’s resolutions nationally is “I will finally get myself in better physical shape once and for all!”

Well. We all know how most New Year’s resolutions turn out, don’t we?

Here’s the fallout to all this:

By mid-spring, your health club finds itself saddled with several if not dozens of accounts where clients have simply stopped paying the dues mandated by their membership contract. At first these losses might not feel like much. Your company might be out $400 to $1,000. But month after month, the losses pile up. More members default, and your company’s losses begin to snowball.

Suddenly you wish you’d run a credit check on your prospective members, right?

Fear not.

If your health club executes legally binding agreements with its members, you’re in luck.

Western Control Services currently handles collections for several health clubs. We understand this business sector, we have a great deal of experience with it, and we consistently generate results for our clients.

In order to realize the highest possible profits, a successful health club must have a great collection agency that recovers funds at maximum value from the incoming stream of membership defaults this sector generates constantly.

Our company has over 28 years’ experience recovering money owed to businesses just like yours. Our trained specialists follow a defined methodology that generates proven results time and time again in a variety of sectors. We consistently beat the average for funds recovered by collection agencies nationwide. And engaging us won’t cost you a penny, until we collect your money.

Western Control Services

You’ve done the work, now it’s time to get paid.

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