Products to Help Your Company Perform Better

WCS offers products that are designed to assist your own account receivables perform at peak efficiency.
The result is a better return for your labor costs resulting in more cash and less bad debt.
Contact us today and we can describe some of the tools we have developed based on our experience that can leverage your existing labor resources!

Skip-Trace Services

It’s frustrating and expensive to collect when your customers can’t be located! You can’t collect from them if you can’t find them! Based on the results we receive from our data sources, we will furnish the most recent addresses, telephone numbers, and places of employment to you.
The cost for the Skip-Trace product is a flat rate amount per account with a minimum of 100 accounts per order. This service is geared toward clients with a large volume of accounts that would like to collect their accounts themselves, but need help locating their customers.
Our clients find that using the data provided by our Skip-Trace services, they can quickly contact delinquent customers and help bring the accounts current in a very short period of time…without endless internet searches!
The WCS Skip-Trace product lets you leverage our resources for your existing staff – a great choice for many of our customers.

Letters Series

The letter series product is also designed for clients with a large volume of accounts and there is a minimum of 500 accounts per order. The cost per account is a fixed amount and there are incentives for large volume placements. This product may be a good fit for creditors with a large volume of accounts looking for a collection agency as a third party to assist without using the traditional full service contingency product. If this product sounds like a fit for your company, contact us and we’ll give you a rough idea of what you can expect in costs and benefits!

Combination Skip-Trace and Letter Series

For some customers, the most effective approach to leveraging their in-house receivables work is to precede a full Letter Series product purchase with a Skip-Trace product. This allows the staff to contact and collect the highest yield accounts first, and then continue with the more difficult accounts with a full Letter Series approach. Contact WCS for more information on this hybrid approach and we’ll help design a product combination that will return the greatest cash results for the lowest possible cost.

*Restrictions may apply to Skip-Trace and Letters Series products. Please contact us for details.