Overview of Collection Services

WCS is a full service agency offering you a wide range of products and services to improve your cash flow.

Contingency Collection

No Collection…No Charge!

That’s right. You pay nothing unless the debt is collected. WCS incurs all collection costs and reports to all three major credit bureaus. The result is a reduction in your AR’s with a corresponding increase in cash. This offers a zero-risk approach to solving your past-due account issues!
Contingency Collection Services automatically include the following additional services as needed to achieve the best possible results for you:

  • Skip Tracing: When consumers move their residence without notifying you, it can become frustrating if you don’t have the means or the time to look for them. The Internet and proprietary data bases give us the ability to access systems that help us to locate consumers at no cost to you.
  • Legal Options: All accounts for legal consideration must be approved by the client. Once the decision to file suit is made, WCS will advance all court costs, attorney’s fees, service of process fees and any other associated costs. You don’t pay these costs so you can rest assured that when litigation is called for, you won’t be throwing good money after bad. While our goal is to “talk in the money,” we view litigation as another collection tool to secure payment and protect the interest of our clients.

For more information on this cost-effective service, please click here.

Additional Services

WCS realizes that not all services are suited to all clients. We have developed an extensive line-up of products and services available to you that can offer you the most cost-effective means of collecting on your receivables.

With All Services…

Your receive the benefits of a proven, experienced agency focused on your goals. We are focused on our customers’ needs.

Professional Staff

Our experienced and professional Collection Staff are trained to follow a proven collection method in order to obtain the best results for our clients. Our team of Collectors and Support Staff are also trained to follow FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) requirements and guidelines. While we utilize technology as effectively as possible, it is still the professional collector who must secure the payment.

Credit Bureau

Credit reporting will also help you to recover more of your bad debt. With your permission we report to all of the major national credit bureaus.
In this way we will remain at the top of their creditor list any time they should decide to obtain new credit, mortgage financing or debt consolidation.

Status Reporting Back to You

Various reports are available including inventory, monthly statements and recovery reports. We offer customized reporting. We want you to track our performance! Reports can be easily accessed on line using your own login credentials.