If you’re an attorney, a doctor, or the manager of a student loan portfolio, chances are you’ve already engaged a collection agency to retrieve money you’re owed on past due accounts.

But are you satisfied with the job they’re doing?

Or perhaps we should put it this way:

In a perfect world, what would you be getting from your current collection agency that they’re not giving you right now?

Here are two answers to this question we’ve frequently heard:

“I’d like my collection agency to answer the phone when we call.”

At Western Control Services, we understand the frustration clients can feel (in any business), when they can’t get through to their service providers, which is why our standard from our very beginning, in 1988, has been to keep our phone lines open and available so our clients can talk to us on their very first call attempt.

At present, Western Control Services averages a 95 percent call throughput rating. That means that, when you call us to check on the status of your overdue accounts, 9.5 times out of 10 you’ll speak to one of our trained and experienced customer service representatives.

(Obviously, we’d like to say you’ll get through 100 percent of the time. But like they say, nobody’s perfect. We’re just really close to perfect!)

At Western Control Services, we work hard to recover the money you’re owed. Knowing that your collection agency is available every time you need to speak to us is one of the keys to your ultimate satisfaction.

“I’d like my collection agency to help my firm review its current accounts receivable process and make recommendations on how we can be more efficient, in our own shop.”

Many companies we talk to have internal staff members handle their accounts receivable. Sometimes these workers do a decent job. More often, however, they’re not really trained, experienced specialists in the field of debt collection.

Here’s a typical scenario. A small to mid-size business will task its bookkeeper or accounts receivable staff with trying to hunt down unpaid accounts. That’s a big mistake, in most cases. Most of time, this person has no idea how to perform this task. They develop resentment toward having to do it, which lowers the company’s worker morale. Importantly, at the end of the day, they achieve middling results at best.

The vast majority of in-house employees we meet who are tasked with collections for their company are fish out of water.

This practice defies common sense.

Would you trust your health to anyone but an experienced doctor? No.

Would you trust your books to anyone but an experienced accountant? No.

Would you trust your car to anyone but a skilled mechanic? No.

Your business needs to trust the vital process of collections to trained, experienced professionals. To optimize performance, it should also undergo regular accounts receivable “checkups.”

At Western Control Services, our most experienced management team will conduct a Complimentary Internal Accounts Receivable Process Review for your company.

Why not let a professional check to see what kind of job your people are doing? We can advise you on the latest techniques for tracking down debtors and retrieving the money you’re owed. We’ll help you streamline your processes while updating you on the latest outside services and technologies, such as the new trend of business credit reporting.

Contact us now to sign up for a Western Control Services Complimentary Internal Accounts Receivable Process Review.

Why would we offer such a valuable free service?

Simple. If we can help your business grow, we feel certain that, moving forward, you’ll choose Western Control Services as your valued collection partner.