Recently I presented a free seminar detailing our services to prospective clients. Someone raised their hand and asked what Western Control Services could do for them.

“I’ve already tried a collection agency,” he said. “They couldn’t recover a dime from my defaulted accounts.”

I already knew this client was interested in trying a new agency. Why else would he have come to our seminar?

Fortunately, a local dentist we’d worked with was also in the crowd. She stood up and talked candidly about the experience she’d had.

“I placed my outstanding patient accounts with two other collection agencies before coming to Western Control Services,” she said.

Those agencies weren’t able to recover any money for her. As in zero. Zip. Nada. But Western Control Services sent her a nice check.

The dentist said she was overjoyed. And so, of course, were we.

Helping businesses unlock the potential of their delinquent accounts and reap the benefit of the cash they’ve earned is what we do best.

Which is why we offer the Western Control Services No Risk Guarantee.

We invite you to bring your old accounts to us. Let us see how much more money we can get from them on your behalf. We only charge, if and when, we collect your money.

Request to get your outstanding unpaid accounts back from your old or current collection agency. Let our specialists at Western Control Services rework those accounts using our proven collection methodology.

If we collect more money for you, you’ll know that we can do a better job than your old agency. And of course you’ll have money in your pocket to show for your curiosity.

If we DON’T collect more money for you, you’ll have won the peace of mind that your current firm is doing the best possible job for you and your company. Meaning, they’re recovering the most money possible from your outstanding accounts. And learning this costs you nothing, out of pocket. In fact, likely it will PAY YOU to discover the results.

The Western Control Services Guarantee is our way of proving our worth to you. We know that peace of mind is a tough thing to come by in life. It’s nice when you get it and nice when you give it.

It’s doubly nice when you get it with no out of pocket expense!

Western Control Services

We get you paid for work you’ve already done!