“Our collection agency clients expect and deserve not only
competitive results, but quality service as well.”

What our customers are saying about WCS…

“I joined Western Control Services to help connect physician practices to a service that goes above and beyond. After nearly 40 years in the Denver healthcare marketplace I have experienced the many increasing financial challenges to providing patient care; the need to address medical debt being one of those. Western Control offers services that provide the sensitivity, professionalism and integrity that you expect when dealing with these issues.

I have known of WC for years and after doing my due diligences I felt compelled to “get the word out”. Their approach in assisting offices with an individualized plan to resolve debt problems is key to their success. I’m impressed with the way they do business, I’m confident that you will be too.”
Debbie Nelson RN BSN


Our response time for you will be immediate since our offices will be staffed by a Client Services representative, during business hours, 100% of the time.
Our representatives have access to the collection software system so they can look up any account in question. Reports and other documentation are also accessible so your requested information can be easily researched.

Account Placements:

Placements of your accounts to our office can be done one of several ways: mail, facsimile, email or electronic file transfer. The choice is yours and we are pleased to assist you in setting up the process of your choice.

On-Line Access:

Whether you’re at the office or at home, our clients have the ability to monitor their accounts day or night.
With a simple login name and password, you have complete access to all of your accounts through our secured web site.
You will be able to report information updates and direct payments, review collector comments and posted payments as well as pull customized reports specifically designed for you.